21 Day Fix- {Fit Mormon Fix}

21 Day Fix


The 21 Day Fix is a fitness and Nutrition program from BeachBody. It’s based on the statistic that it takes 21 Days to create a new habit. I coach it Word of Wisdom based (eating meat sparingly). If you purchase the program directly from BeachBody you’ll get everything below.  If you have the program already go directly to the bottom of this page to see what you get for a minimal coaching fee. 

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If you already own the 21 Day Fix and would like to be part of the 

Fit Mormon Fix Challenge Group

Please click the green button for a small coaching fee.

Option 2

 Here’s what you’ll get!

*One Week Meal Plan 

*21 Days of coaching

*Additional Recipe Guide (vegetarian)

*21 Faith Promoting and Inspirational Emails

*A Fabulous Facebook Support Group

“I love how the 21 Day Fix helps me feel unrestricted and healthy because I’m eating more frequently healthy meals in better portions. It is also complete and I don’t worry about what I may be missing in my nutrition. Before I started the program I felt completely overwhelmed and didn’t know how to start. This was the program I desperately needed. It simplifies everything I had complicated. It has helped me live the Word of Wisdom and the best part is that it is a “doable” life style change that has not only been great for me but my entire family. No more making separate meals for everyone!”

-Mindy, Challenge Participant