My Thoughts About April

thoughts on april

If you want to know the brains behind this site, you need to know April! Like April mentioned, we have known about each other for years. We have even known each others weight loss stories. Followed and liked each others Facebook pages and supported each other from afar.

I have told April, but will share with you all how thankful I am for her. I have had it on my heart for a couple years what I need to share with this community. I have done it on a small scale and one on one with clients, but I have known this project is not just about my story. When April reached out, I had confirmation before she even said anything. First time talking on the phone after years of just online interaction, and we were bearing testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel and the Word of Wisdom.

What an awesome opportunity I have to work with April. The opportunity to work on a project and share insights from our Heavenly Father is a dream. She is so smart and so thorough. Many times I feel so inadequate to work with her because she has so many talents. April’s willingness to pray on everything has set such an example for me. I want you all to take note on her bright eyes and smile. She illuminates the light of Christ and her testimony is solid. She has so much knowledge and I love to learn from her.

Thank you April! Not only for reaching out that day, but keeping me on task, and being willing to share tender moments and these awesome experiences with me. I appreciate you.

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