Tennis Shoe Cleaning Tutorial

Tennis Shoe Care and Maintenance Fitness shoes can be expensive, but are a daily part of my life. I do my best to maintain my shoes and have a hard rule about NOT doing yard work in them but there is the occasional time that I get overly anxious and excited about a project that I forget to change them. In this specific case I took them to a golf tournament, where I was a spectator, and it rained. I didn’t have another option for shoes so cleaning them after was the only option. Here is how I did it.

I know this may all seem a little obvious to some but when I was growing up my Mom just threw our shoes in the wash with everything else.  This would make the insole fall out and they never seemed to fit the same after.


1.Leaving my shoes and socks on I turn the spray nozzle to JET. Leaving them on keeps the shape of the shoe.  I guess you could purchase a form and do it that way this way just seems simpler to me. I leave my socks on so my feet can slip out easier. If you’ve never taken off wet shoes when you weren’t wearing socks the insoles seems to come right out! image

2. I spray directly at the shoe at full force. I’ve never had a problem getting rid of the dirt from the fabric with this technique.
3. I get a MAGIC ERASER  as displayed in the picture and give the shoe a good scrub.  Make sure to rinse it off thoroughly when you are done scrubbing. 
How is that for a comparison? Try it with some of your old tennis shoes that you’ve set aside because they are dingy. 
image image

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